Thursday, February 26, 2009

Congrats !

Hop on over and congratulate Lily, she is a "Big Sister".
We are so happy for this wonderful family, they have a son, he is so precious...


OH MY #6 said...

And he is one beautiful baby!

NO, don't close YOUR BLOG I would miss you too much.


mommy24treasures said...

isn't it wonderful! I am so happy for them!!!!
Oh I am glad to see you joined in on the contest below:) Lovely pic.

Missy said...

I saw their is sooo exciting!!! I have really been loving your photography lately, Miss Thang!!! I can't wait to see you post more. Hugs!

Jonni said...

Holey, moley, I have not been on blogs for a little while and see what I miss! That is wonderful news and thanks for posting it. Devin is so adorable and I am so glad it worked out so perfectly for Nikki this time around. :) YAY!