Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat.

Jen Pumpkin head

Jill Punkin' head.
I can not believe the costumes the monkey's Daddy made them this year!!
He paper mached them pumkin heads, they look incredible!!

In this photo you can see how he supported and distributed the weight so they wouldn't be too heavy on their little heads and shoulders. There is a bike helmet inside and some straps for their shoulders.

Here is the paper mache product before we started the painting process. We painted them black first, the a white primer coat, from there we brushed green for shading, a burnt orange for base colour and a yellow for highlighting. Then we varnished them for waterproofing.
The end results are amazing..
Trick or Treat everyone, have fun and stay safe..


D and S said...

Those are very scary pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Kayce said...

Those are amazing!!! I thought my home made tutu was pretty cool but the monkey's daddy did an awesome job on those! So cool!

Dawn - AB Family said...

What great costumes!