Saturday, October 31, 2009


We are ready for trick or treating, was a little worried that Jen wouldn't be going out door to door in the neighbourhood. She has been a little under the weather so has been at home for the last three days, I think we will be taking it easy and only going to a few houses.
We are ready for the ghosts and goblins, have a "Safe" Halloween!

Jen is too sick to go out tonight, she is fevered and is not even upset she isn't trick or treating.
My poor baby...


Kayce said...

Oh poor thing! Hopefully her sis will share the loot. HUGS and get well wishes!

3D said...

Poor pumpkin! Feel better soon.

Keep smilin!

Jonni said...

Great picture Kerri and I hope Puddin' Pop feels back to 100% soon. Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween!


Vivian M said...

Hope Jen is feeling much better!

Kris said...

so sorry about Jen, hope she's better already!