Friday, August 14, 2009

Company on their way!

Today is an exciting day for us, we have friends on their way for a visit. They are travelling from out of province to a reunion and are passing through to see us for lunch.
Jay, Sandy, Maia and Claire are from Jillian's China group, we had such a great time with them in Chongqing so we can't wait to see them again and get the girls together!
I'm sure I'll have my camera out, *wink*


Debz said...

Have an awesome visit!
Was this pic taked in Stanhope?
Gosh! She wouldn't need a jacket today! It's 38'C with the humidity today! The Canada Summer games are on in town this week! The poor athletes!
Say hi to the girlies!

Jonni said...

Hope you had a wonderful time with your friends. Sounds super-fun.